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The Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center (GMSEC) mission is an integrated effort across multiple GSFC organizations to provide GSFC mission services. GMSEC provides mission enabling, cost and risk reducing data system solutions applicable to current and future missions managed by GSFC. GMSEC will enable the continued recognition of GSFC as a leader in space mission expertise and services.

GMSEC was established in 2001 to coordinate ground and flight system data systems development and services at GSFC.

GMSEC is now available as open source! NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has released its publish-subscribe system integration architecture, specification and message bus middleware through the GSFC Open Source website.

  • Simplify development, integration, and testing
  • Facilitate technology infusion over time
  • Support evolving development and operational concepts
  • Allow for mix of heritage, COTS, and new components while avoiding vendor lock-in
  • Standardize interfaces - not components
  • Provide a middleware infrastructure
  • Allow users to choose - GMSEC doesn't decide which components are best nor dictate which components a mission must use. It's the mission/user's choice!
  • Other government space organiztions are now recognizing the benefits of these simple concepts and are each working with NASA/GSFC’s GMSEC Team
GMSEC Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of GMSEC, our software, and our other technical tools. They provide basic information, sometimes about fairly complex topics, and will link to more detailed information.

GMSEC applies modern development approaches to ground system applications

GMSEC Message Bus Architecture
  • Single Strategic Direction for Ground System Development
  • Coordinated Interface with Earth Sciences & Space Sciences Directorates and their Missions
  • Infrastructure and GMSEC Architecture
  • Mission Services Upgrades
  • Technology Infusion


gmsec categories

In an effort to improve how the GSFC development organizations provide mission data systems support for the Earth Sciences and Space Sciences Directorates, the GMSEC project was divided into three major categories of support, each receiving equal distributions of funding. Infrastructure and GMSEC Architecture provides solution-based Reference Architecture to address end-to-end ground system and flight data system needs. It also provides development Labs and Lab infrastructure support. Mission Services and Upgrades provide mission-specific upgrades and general support to ongoing missions and their support labs. Lastly, Technology Infusion provides development of new capabilities and technologies that will benefit current and/or future missions. These areas facilitate current missions as well as pave the way for future missions.



Flight software to end-users technical support provided by many development Branches
Funding support from Earth Sciences and Space Sciences Directorates
Communications established with vendors, NASA centers, standards groups
Teamed with industry leading contractors

GMSEC Organization and Key Relationships

gmsec flow diag shows funds flowing thru GMSEC to implementors

gmsec flow diag shows funds flowing thru GMSEC to implementors

A major factor contributing to the success of the GMSEC initiative is having a strong project team in place whose function is the development and maintenance of key relationships with the GMSEC stakeholders, customers, and contributing technical groups. GMSEC by itself is not a development project per se; it relies heavily on other organizations and groups to provide programmatic guidance and technical expertise. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the GMSEC project team to foster a strong relationship with all entities that have GMSEC ties or interests. The figure below depicts the major organizations that the GMSEC project works with in achieving its goals and objectives.


GMSEC Message Bus Architecture

GMSEC Message Bus Architecture

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