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GMSEC API: GSFC Mission Services Evolution Center API:
The GSFC Mission Services Evolution Center (GMSEC) architecture is a comprehensive flight and ground data system framework that supports the full mission lifecycle. The GMSEC API provides a mechanism by which the diverse set of flight and ground software components can easily exchange data or messages. Software components using the GMSEC API are connected to the middleware which in turn is responsible for message routing. This frees the components from having to know where other components exist and what data the other components need. The key role of the GMSEC architecture is to define and manage these GMSEC messages through standards to ensure seamless component upgrades, exchanges, or reconfigurations with minimal integration.
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GREAT: GMSEC Message Visualization/Storage:
GREAT is a collection of GMSEC-compliant components for analysing messages in a GMSEC architecture system. It consists of the following tools:Event Analyser (EAN) receives messages over the middleware according to the subscription(s)
  • Event Archive (EAR) receives messages over the middleware according to the subscriptions(s) and stores them in a database
  • Event Report (ERP) provides the capability to create/edit customized report templates and and accepts directives over the middleware to generate reports.
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    GEDAT: GMSEC System Display:
    The GMSEC System Display (GEDAT) provides a visual representation of the GMSEC environment. The display shows numerous network components performing message-based publish/subscribe communications via one or more GMSEC message buses. The display is intended to be a common software application capable of displaying data system activity at any level within the network.
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    SA: GMSEC System Agent:
    The GMSEC System Agent (SA) is a GMSEC-compliant software component that provides health information about the computer hosting the agent to other GMSEC components utlilizing a middleware-based architecture. SA reports a machine's health status using the middleware paradigm to support a more generic, automated, and centralized monitoring tool for the entire GMSEC system.
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    RAA: GMSEC Environmental Data Tool:
    The GMSEC Room Alert Adapter (RAA) is a GMSEC-compliant software component that provides an interface between AVTECH Room Alert tm environmental devices and the GMSEC message bus. The device enables 24/7 remote situational awareness of environmental conditions and detects and reports anomalous conditions with immediate alert notifications.
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    GPD: GMSEC Parameter Display:
    The GMSEC Parameter Display (GPD) is a GMSEC-compliant software component that enables the users to quickly create and view a display page consisting of parameter and telemetry mnemonic values. The GPD operates within a GMSEC architecture-based system. As such, it utlilizes standard GMSEC messages to request the user-defined parameters from various data providers. The parameters and their values received from the data providers will be displayed, as is, to the display pages. In addition to displaying the telemetry values, the GPD also displays the attributes associated with the telemetry mnemonic values. Both text and color are used to show the mnemonic attributes and provide a visual delineation of their status. From the display, the user can quickly assess the value and state of the displayed parameters.
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    CAT: GMSEC Criteria Action Table:
    The GMSEC Criteria Action Table (CAT) is an autonomic computing tool for spacecraft ground systems under the GMSEC architecture. CAT captures data from its managed elements and environment, performs the data analysis to generate the actionable data, and makes decisions on the combination of the actionable data and the rules or policies from the management. This results in actions being sent as either GMSEC standard Directive messages or event log messages to the relevent component.
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    ANSR: GMSEC Alert Notification System Router:
    The GMSEC Alert Notification System Router (ANSR)is a GMSEC-compliant software component used in mission operations for operator notification and paging. Notifications are done through standard devices such as pages and emails. ANSR is commonly used in GMSEC supported ground systems as the notification gateway between an automated system and its operators.
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    GRASP: GMSEC Remote Data Access Tool:
    The GMSEC Remote Access Data Tool (GRASP) is a GMSEC-compliant software component that provides the capability for users to access selected GMSEC messages from a web server operating in an unsecured space without risk of contamination to the secure GMSEC network. It also provides access to selected functional capabilities via the GMSEC directive Request message.


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    ASIST: Advanced Spacecraft Integration and Systems Test:
    ASIST is a real-time command and control system for spacecraft development, integration, and operations.  It features a distributed and scalable workstation-based architecture: ASIST can be used in a components development laboratory with a single workstation, or it can be used for instrument and spacecraft integration and test with multiple workstations, and/or in mission operations, where 20 or 30 workstations may be used concurrently. Multiple NASA projects have used ASIST for a variety of purposes:  In support of flight software development, C&DH (Command and Data Handling) components development, instrument integration and test, spacecraft integration and test, mission operations, and level zero processing.  It is used primarily for telemetry and telecommanding systems based on the CCSDS (Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems) standard.
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    ITOS: Integrated Test and Operations System:
    ITOS is a real-time control and monitoring system developed and maintained by a small team at the Goddard Space Flight Center. It is a portable, highly configurable system which runs under a variety of UNIX operating systems, including Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux on workstation or PC hardware. ITOS was originally developed for control of spacecraft and spacecraft components during development, test, and on-orbit operations, but actually can be applied to most any control and monitoring process. 
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